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Whiskers' Will

Boardgame Art

Whiskers’ Will is a board game design targeting teenager. It encourages players to exercise at home through gameplay and story-telling. This is a cooperation with Blackbody Lab. I was responsible for the world setting, art direction, character, monster and background design.

↓ Cover Art ↓ 

↓ Product Shot ↓ 

Product Shot

↓ World Building ↓ 


Million years from now, miles under the ground lays a city named Mountain’s Heart. The city depends on the Tree of Life to provide them with electricity and light. An unknown disease is spreading across the city turning citizens into half-robot half-animal monsters. The city is in chaos.

The four protagonists are on their quest to solve the mystery behind this sickness and the Three of Life. Yet to overcome the obstacles, they must first train themselves.

Character Design

↓ Character Design ↓ 

These are the four main characters: Athlete, Doctor, Influencer and Musician. Each of them represents different classes – Tank, Healer, Ranger and Thief. This can be seen in their costumes and weapon. During the game, players will see their transformation through exercising. For instance, Athlete will lose weight and gain confident throughout the game. This indicates various benefit of exercising.


↓ Environment Art & Game Map ↓ 


↓ Monsters Design ↓ 

Since the game targets primary school children, each monster is addressing an issue they might have lives: having too much homework, having their first crush, or getting bullied at school...the design is based on these problems.

↓ Story Illustration ↓ 


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