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Building Safety Week Interative Design

Game Design

Building Safety Week is an event by the Building Department that raises public awareness of building safety. The event has five games. I am responsible for two of the game flow design and graphic support. Below is the game flow design of one of them.

Credit: IOIO Creative

#illustration    #game design

↓ Game 1 ↓ 

In this game, players need to locate the building safety issue, which is represented by two monster characters, in the 16 blocks. There be hints given to the player during the game play. If the players failed to find the problem by the end of the game, the flat will be banned

↓ Game 2 ↓ 

In this game, players need doge the obstacles including falling windows and concrete blocks. The monster will transform to a second stage and its attack will become more intense reaching the end of the game.

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