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Deathnival Game Quiz

Interactive Game Quiz

Deathnival is a Death Education campaign for young adults to explore death. Our goal is to raise awareness of death preparation and encourage people to treasure their limited lifetime thus minimize regrets. 

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Deathnival is an illustration-based Death Education campaign for young adults to explore death in Hong Kong. The goal of this project is to raise awareness of death by reshaping youth’s perception through repackaging visuals of death. Inspired by the traditional art form, Danse Macabre, Deathnival provides an alternative to view death with colorful illustrations and dark humor. Even though death might be terrifying, learning about it can still be fun.


The project consists of three stages. The first stage is an interactive quiz to classify the player's death attitude into 5 categories, each represented by one character. The second stage will be a board game set and illustrative storybook, which allow players to explore death. Finally, the project ended with a social media campaign Deathtalk to let players reflect on death online.

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