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Amazing Insects &
Where to Find Them

Preserving Biodiversity

Ever wonder what kind of creepy crawlies hide in your house? Now is the chance to find out. These uninvited guests might seem annoying and disgusting, yet you might find them friendly once you know them better! The Amazing Insect Origami set includes 4 types of common household insects – Spider, Moth, Centipede, and Wasp. Pick one of the four categories and see what kind of tiny friends you got this time!

Watch the Video Here!

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Research Thesis

We fear the unknown, yet only learning more about insects can help humans to foster biodiversity and a better ecosystem. If we do not care about the creatures around us, why would we care about polar bears and sharks? It is hoped that this can provide a new perspective to rethink the relationship between nature and us, and reduce the distance we felt when talking about sustainability by drawing attention to our surroundings.

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